3:00 PM EDT
Welcome to FWA-At Home!

Welcome back to Furry Weekend At-Home! Join our hosts, both old and new for an awesome weekend event!

3:30 PM EDT
Art Jam

We have three fantastic PoC furry artists for our 2hr art stream from a variety of backgrounds and art styles. Come hang out, chat as we will be having fun sketching and answering any questions from the artists. Come see these talented folx bring ideas to life.Join Syrae MadShy and Kris for an awesome art adventure!

5:30 PM EDT
Furrmily Fued

Join us for Furrmily Feud, where 2 teams of your favorite funny fuzzies will compete to make you laugh and yell answers at your screen. They’ll be trying to guess the most popular answers to fandom-related survey questions answered by YOU! Oh, and they might just win some prizes, too!

6:00 PM EDT
A brief tour with Animal Park at the Conservators Center

The team over at Animal Park at the Conservators Center takes us on a brief tour of the small mammals in their park!

6:30 PM EDT
Cosmik & Rhubarb

Cosmik & Rhubarb bring their irreverent brand of music and comedy to FWA for the first time, live from their living room, thanks to the global pandemic and the miracle of live streaming. Enjoy an hour of music and mayhem as they perform original songs, parodies and cover tunes, and lovingly skewer and celebrate the fandom in story and song.

7:30 PM EDT
Are you Smarter than a Fursuiter?! (Quiz Show)

It's the question everyone wants to answer for themselves! Pit yourself - yes, you! - against our select panel of fursuiter contestants to see if you have what it takes to win a fantastic prize! Sharpen up on your furry fandom trivia, because who knows what kind of questions you'll be answering. Tune in Saturday at 7PM with your host Ramble the Wolf to see if you're Smarter Than a Fursuiter!

8:30 PM EDT
Studio Segment

9:00 PM EDT
DJ - RoWdY RazzKatt


10:00 PM EDT
DJ - Jake Tiggy

Bass/Tech House

11:00 PM EDT
DJ - Avian Invasion

Progressive Trance

12:00 AM EDT
DJ - Dox

Mashup Bass

1:00 AM EDT
DJ - Valant

Drum and Bass

3:00 PM EDT
Welcome back and a Fireside with the Tigers

Goof off with Furry Weekend At-Home team as we kick off Day 2 of our awesome event! The CEO and COO will be joining us for this segment to talk a little bit about our event and what we're up to. Join our team on Twitch to chat and ask questions!

3:30 PM EDT
A Moment of Silence

The past year has been tough for us all and many of us have lost someone dear to us. Let's all take a moment together to reflect on that and pay our respects

3:35 PM EDT
"The Mall That Breathes, the Mall That Eats": A Call of Cthulhu Tabletop Adventure

"May the Roots of the Peachtree Grow Strong. May its fruits grow ripe with the weight of knowledge. The Roots are eternal and the knowledge is never-ending" This is the creed for the Peachtree Investigators, a group of individuals who have protected Georgia and the world at large for a millennia. We welcome you to join us as we welcome four new Acolytes into this most sacred of groups for their first mission. Will they be able to overcome the encroaching darkness that preys upon them from every corner? Or will they succumb to the maddening will of horrors that live beyond the mortal veil? Sit tight, stay comfy, and pray to the Beast of the Roots as the Peachtree Investigators fall into: "The Mall That Breathes, the Mall That Eats"

6:30 PM EDT
Let's Play Phasmophobia

Join our VGR Team in a spooky and wacky adventure as they play a few rounds of Phasmophobia?! Who will be brave enough to enter a dark cold room all by themselves, who will run away from any danger (and honestly sometimes no danger)?! Tune in and find out!

7:30 PM EDT
Twitch Builds a Fursona

Ever wonder what would happen if we let a twitch chatroom build a fursona from scratch? YEAH US TOO! Come build a fursona with Scarf Shepherd, AlienMaryMae, and Rika as they art to the whims of the Twitch community!

8:30 PM EDT
Scurrow's Music Hour

We're thrilled to have Scurrow back for another amazing music hour. Tune in to see what Scurrow has in store for our Stream!

9:30 PM EDT
Thanks for joining

10:00 PM EDT
DJ - Kale the Deer

Bass/Tech House

11:00 PM EDT
DJ - Vulp

Top 40, Dance, House. Live from VRChat!

12:00 AM EDT
DJ - Kainu


1:00 AM EDT

Heavy Bass Music



It seems like every furry is on Discord! Join our offical Furry Weekend Atlanta discord to make friends, play games, chat, and voice chat!


Our Minecraft server has been going strong since our first ever Furry Weekend At-Home event! Come check out all the amazing things that have been built and contribute your own builds to our little blocky paradise.


You've been asking for this one forever! Come hang out at a virtual represenation of our host hotel! Meet new friends and have the real con experience (with go-karts)!

Second Life

Furry Weekend Atlanta is exicted to announce a partnership with Second Life! Come check out our amazing Virtual Enchanted Forest, virtual Dealers Den, virtual Art Show, and dance the night away in our club region!