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November 14th, 2020

6:00 PM EST
Let's Play: Phasmophobia!

Let's try this again as we try to find some ghosts in Phasmophobia!

7:30 PM EST
Lets Play: GTFO

Join our team of four plucky adventures as they delve into 10 Chambers new survival horror GTFO. Will they survive to achieve their goals in the underground complex and as the title suggests, GTFO? Watch and find out!

9:00 PM EST
Drawing from Memory

Challenge the queen of puff to try and draw pokemon from memory. Lets go through the different generations and see if the chat give her a challenge and make her slip up!

10:00 PM EST
Badge making 101

In this stream, FurryFilth will be demonstrating the ins and outs of designing and drawing badge artwork! Learn how to line, color, and shade a badge, as well as pointers on choosing fonts and preparing for printing.

11:00 PM EST
How to draw expressions

What's in a smile? In this segment, FurryFilth gives a rundown on creating facial expressions in art! They'll explain the importance of eyebrows, mouths, and small details in the creation of emotions.